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Create a sense of more space in a small bathroom

If you want to create a sense of more space in a small bathroom, consider selecting smaller tiles for the shower. Larger tiles can make the area feel even smaller, so it's important to know the measurements of the shower space. Whether it's a standard size of 36'' by 36'' or an irregular minimum size, you can create a visually appealing pattern by using tiles that fit within this area. I highly recommend dividing the shower area into tile-sized sections. For example, if the shower measures 36'' by 36'', you can divide it into 12'' sections (3 tiles per side). This approach allows for a pattern to be displayed, especially when using white tiles, which is a timeless color. However, using only white tiles can make the area feel overly bright, so it's advisable to select at least two additional colors that complement the white. Once you have selected the tiles, choosing fixtures and cabinet colors becomes easier. Generally, people tend to select cabinets and other fixtures based on personal preference. While it's important to like the color of the cabinet, remember that when you enter the bathroom, your initial impression will be influenced by the colors and atmosphere created by the tiles. If the tiles work well together, you will feel more comfortable in the entire small space.

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