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How can we select backsplash color for our kitchen?

I want to talk about my last project where we changed the backsplash in the kitchen and witnessed a refreshing transformation. Sometimes, when we buy a new house, it's difficult to envision the color scheme throughout the home. We consider factors like wall paint, kitchen cabinet color, hardware finish, and more. If we like what we see, we don't think much about it. However, at times, we might feel that something is amiss in our home when we eventually want to make changes.

One significant aspect to consider is the balance between cold and hot colors. If our home is filled with just white colors and furniture, it may look bright initially, but it can be straining, especially for those with eye problems. That's why we need to incorporate a mix of colors.

In my last project, the kitchen predominantly featured cold colors such as beige, grey, white, and dark grey. Although we used gray tones and had one dark gray color, we couldn't say there was a warm color present. However, when I looked up, I noticed a beautiful reddish-brown color beam that instantly brought joy. I decided to match this color with the new backsplash, and luckily, we had bonus furniture in the room with a brown reddish hue that complemented each other perfectly. This simple addition instantly infused warmth into the kitchen, making it a cool and timeless design.

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