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Architect Nur AS is a talented and passionate architect, born in Turkey. Her love for architecture led her to complete her undergraduate degree in Architecture after obtaining an associate degree in Construction Technology. She serviced her own architectural office and has other office-site experiences in Turkey. She created her own business in DC. She is excited to work on your design-build project.

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Nur AS's designs reflect a perfect blend of the old and the modern world, resulting in stunning and functional industrial architecture. Her attention to detail and unique approach to design is evident in every project she undertakes. With a keen eye for aesthetics and functionality, she has quickly become one of the most sought-after architects in the region. Please check her Turkey office portfolio website.

Beyond her impressive professional achievements, Nur AS is a wife and mom a happy individual who derives great satisfaction from her work. She takes pride in her ability to create spaces that meet the needs of her clients while also enhancing the beauty of the natural surroundings. Her passion for architecture, coupled with her commitment to providing exceptional service to her clients, is what sets her apart from her peers.

In short, Nur AS is an accomplished architect with an eye for beauty and functionality. Her passion for creating spaces that enhance the beauty of the natural world has made her a respected professional in the field. Whether you are looking to design a kitchen and bath remodeling, or home improvement Nur AS has the expertise and vision to bring your ideas to life.

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